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Of all the animals in the zoo, I think I like the kangaroo because the mummy has a pocket in her tummy and if the baby wants a ride. he only has to jump inside and all the world he’ll roam and still feel quite at home.
What I love about birth is seeing each mother and her support system discover new ways to cope and see how strong she is. Each birth is a new and important way of being in the world.
What I do when I’m not attending birth is read, swim, bike, teach English, build houses and work with immigrants.
On a typical evening you will not find anyone at my home. I live alone and usually am out and about in the evening. I am a night owl so I have to work to get to bed before 3 or 4 in the morning.
I wish I had known how vital all the little jaunts off the beaten path would be in making me the person I would become.
I’ve biked to Chicago, I’ve ridden a buffalo and I’m the oldest girl of 16.