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If I had to pick ONE favorite animal, it would be large, loyal dogs.
I love witnessing the deep strength and connection birth brings out in a mama and her partner. Birth is truly transforming! Birth is hard work! Thankfully, in the end, you have a soft, squishy, beautiful newborn to admire and snuggle. Birth is love, multiplied.
When I am not attending births, I am busy raising my own three girls, sewing, knitting, tent camping, gardening, cooking, reading, folding laundry, pinning ideas on pinterest, or looking for time to spend with my husband. We love the great outdoors and try to breath in the fresh air and walk barefoot in the grass whenever we can. I also work part time as a Registered Dietitian, so I am intensely interested in nutrition and wellness.
My husband, three daughters, dog, cat, chickens, and thousands of honey bees. We are often outside, so on those nights, you can add in all of the neighborhood kids running around the backyard and through the house.
Slow down. You are exactly where you are supposed to be.
I have taken up hooping (a.k.a. hula hooping) for fun! I feel so accomplished when I learn a new hoop trick.