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I love dogs. Their personalities and expressions crack me up. There’s something very person-like and perceptive about them. They are faithful and loving.
Birth is this beautiful combination of body and spirit. I am fascinated by the physiology of it. The way all of the systems of the body work together with the anatomy of both mama and baby blows me away. And the birth of new life- a baby, but just as astounding, a mama- is an incredible thing to share space with. It’s powerful and magical, transformative, connective and empowering. It's incredible to see a woman connect with her own strength.
I work as a sign language interpreter during the day. When not doing that, I love to run, be outside, play with my dog, and read.
On a typical evening in my house you’ll find me and my husband curled up with a good movie, and our dog, Treko (who also loves a good movie).
If I could give advice to my 20 year old self I would tell her to stop being so afraid, listen to what she really wants to do and take up running sooner.
I really really love breakfast food.