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My favorite animal is a dolphin simply because I wish I was one. They get to jump and swim and play with their friends in the ocean all the time, and I can’t picture anything better.
Birth is a beautiful, magical example of nature’s perfection. I love the entire journey of the transformation that a mother and her child undergo throughout pregnancy and labor. I love both the intimacy and intensity, the moments of immense power as well as inward peace. Birth is exciting, empowering, inspiring, and unbelievable-- no matter how many I've seen. As a doula I am incredibly privileged to witness the power of a mother bringing new life into the world. I feel grounded, connected and totally amazed to be in the presence of such an awesome event.
I love swimming, riding my bike, painting and going on adventures outside. I work at a local birth center, and feel so fortunate to be immersed in the birth world most of the time.
Dive into everything that brings you joy, and know that fear is irrelevant when you’re doing the things that make you come alive.
The first births I ever attended were at a crowded maternity ward in Tanzania, before I even knew what a doula was. With four births in the first night, I was overcome with so much energy, joy, amazement and compassion all at the same time that I knew this was the work I was designed to do.