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My favorite animal is a Duck Billed Platypus. I like that they are mammals but lay eggs. They are just so fun.
The part of birth that I love the most is that every mama has a different experience weither it be good or bad everyones is different and so it is something special to that family.
When I am not attending births I love to cook and bake. I also enjoy spending time outside with my dogs. During the day I may be working at a daycare in a class of fifteen two year olds.
I am currently living at home with my mother, father and my eighteen year old little brother. We also have two golden retrievers and a cat.
Advice I would give the twenty year old me would be to sweat the small stuff, and to become a Doula sooner. This was only three years ago for me but I would have definitely would have like to become a doula sooner to be able to help mamas and start different specialties. (ie lactation and postpartum supports)
I am Scuba certified and I cannot wait to go scuba diving in the summer in the many of Minnesota lakes.