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Dogs, because they are in tune with our emotions, loyal friends, and good at snuggling.
Birth is an intimate and empowering journey that I feel extraordinarily honored to be a part of. I love the moment when women realize what their bodies are so naturally capable of. The awareness of the inner strength they possess transforms their spirit and creates a confidence and understanding that they will carry with them through motherhood. What I love most about being a doula is encouraging the woman’s partner to play an active role in the process, helping them feel involved, connected, and proud!
I’m currently a nursing student, and on the rare occasion that I’m not studying, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, taking long walks with my dog, volunteering, camping, knitting, and soaking in a warm bath.
Me and my two favorite guys: my loving boyfriend and my wild dog… and lots of textbooks
You know how your brother drives you crazy? You guys are going to be best friends.
My favorite place is Glacier National Park, Montana. I go every summer I get the chance.