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Cats. I grew up in the country and I befriended many feral cats. They make you work for their trust and affection, making it so special once that bond is created.
Birth is an opportunity for a woman to discover her inner strength. Bringing a new little human into the world is a lot of work! However a woman chooses to birth, she should be supported and empowered in the journey. The journey ends with a new little one and I love watching the mother and partner meeting their child for the first time.
I am in my final year of nursing school. When I am not studying I like to read, work on craft projects, and cook.
My two roommates. I can be found cuddling with my roommate's corgi Hobbes.
Take your time! There is plenty of time to travel, explore, and experience new things.
I speak German. The next language I would love to learn is Somali.