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Birds, because they are beautiful and completely aware.
Birth is one of the greatest examples of a beautiful and sacred human experience. It can transform everyone in the room as new life is born from the love and strength of a woman and family. I see a presence in the wide eyes of newborns that is wise and aware. They are eager to converse with their new world, with tranquil hums and moving fingers. It is a privilege to help a woman on her journey to meet her baby, and to be a part of these humbling moments.
I am a public health nurse and I work with pregnant and parenting teens in Minneapolis through a long-term nurse home visiting program. I also work with the Minnesota Prison Doula Project as a group facilitator.
My husband Matt, a bucket of worms, and our record player.
Chill out.
I have been to 29 of the 59 national parks in the US and I have the magnets to prove it.