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My favorite animal has to be a dog because they are loyal, loving companions. They are intuitive and sensitive to our feelings and needs, and are great stress relievers. I have a beagle-mix named Rupert and he brings me joy every day!
Birth is one of the most empowering and powerful things a woman can experience. For me, it is a privilege and a joy to be with women and their families at this moment. I also love that each birth is unique and special, full of surprises and moments of struggle and triumph. It is a truly spiritual experience.
I am a registered nurse working on a postpartum unit. That takes up most of my time, but when I'm not working I like to cook with my husband, spend time with my friends, go on runs with my dog, go on adventures, and be outside in nature.
My husband Jaakob, myself, and our dog Rupert.
Don't worry about getting it perfect all the time, life can't be planned out in a straight line. Pursue you are passionate about, and don't be afraid to make conversation with people you don't know- you never know who will end up being a lifelong friend!
I am from the Big Island of Hawaii- on my birthday a few years ago I spent the morning playing in the snow on the top of the volcano, and then drove down in the afternoon to the beach and played in the waves. It was magical!