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My favorite animal is the humpback whale because of its grace and majesty.
I love the energy and magic around birth. Witnessing the way new people enter the world is an honor. Witnessing pregnant people find strength and power is a privilege. I love just being present. I love contributing an open, supportive energy to help the process of birth.
When I'm not attending births, I work as a barista at a local coffee shop and a barback at a schwanky bar downtown. I also enjoy reading, writing, and generally living an artful life.
Typically, you won't find anyone at my house in the evening. My roommate works as a chef, so she's never home at night. And as for me, Minneapolis is such an exciting place to live, I often find an art gallery, music venue, or new restaurant to explore. But, if my roommate and I happen to be home we are watching 80s movies on VHS and eating something delicious (that she made!).
Move to Minneapolis now! Don't wait!
I applied to graduate school last fall, was accepted, but turned it down to become a doula instead.