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I absolutely love elephants and I believe they are my lucky animal. I dream about elephants a lot and I think there are many lessons humans can learn from elephants' innate natures. Elephants are one of the only animals that can recognize their reflection in a mirror, which is an indication of metacognition, or knowing that you're thinking. They are also the only mammal that can't jump! Elephants are matriarchal, meaning female-led, and they can communicate over extremely long distances using low-frequency sound, much like whales. Their "talking" usually takes place at night and is too low-frequency for humans to hear, but elephants can hear it across miles and miles! I also love otters and owls!
I love that birth is both a profoundly unique and a deeply unifying experience! Every body, every baby, and every birth is different, and yet they are all serving the purpose of bringing new life into the world. The fact that the body is able to create another being inside of itself is a miracle, and the fact that we can bring that life into the world and feed it is mind-blowing to me! One of my favorite quotes that can be applied to birth is "Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself." by Rumi
When I am not attending birth I am always learning as much as I can! I am a prenatal yoga instructor and avid yogi, and I think yoga and birth are deeply intertwined! I also love biking. walking, roller-blading, being outdoors, reading, cooking, and baking!
My partner of 6 years - Remy - and our host of pets: 2 dogs and 2 cats!
There is not one definition of success. Find your own definition of success.
I love to hula-hoop dance and I have done aerial silk trapeze!