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I love koalas! I got to cuddle one in Australia and I love their mild temperament and soft cuddliness.
I love that it's unique and beautiful, every time. No two births are ever alike, and I love getting to know the families I'm supporting so I can give them my best support possible, uniquely for them. I love that are unexpected moments of beauty in each one, even if the birth doesn't go quite as planned.
I work as a birth assistant for homebirth midwife Kate Hogan, nanny PT for the 3 young children of a doula friend, enjoy spending time with my wonderful fiance!, play and listen to lots of music, and spend as much time as possible outdoors adventuring!
For the next few months, my two awesome roommates, after December 5, my soon-to-be husband, Tyler! :)
Stop worrying so much about what people think... just be uniquely you. Also, stop abusing exclamation points in every sentence.
An ostrich once ate my hair scrunchie at the zoo. True story.