By T.T.

I was admitted to the hospital on August 23rd 2012, when they decided to induce my labor. Prior to being admitted I planned out my stay at the hospital and got everything in order. In this I included the desire for a doula, which I was sure would help me get through my labor pains, being that this was my first child.

They decided to step up the induction process the night of the 24th, which moved along pretty quickly. At about midnight I gave my doula a call and she arrived just a short while after. We spent some time getting to know one another and I shared my thoughts about labor with her, as well as my excitement for the arrival of my little man. I couldn’t be scared because I was too thrilled about the thought of having my bundle of joy in my arms.
After our short introduction, I decided to get some rest using lots of pillows and soft music. A while later I began to get uncomfortable, so my doula aided me by suggesting different positions, exercises, and massage. Getting comfortable was hard although we finally found something that worked, but not for long. I was experiencing mild contractions, but nothing that compared to the back pain that came later. I attempted to rest again, but had trouble doing so.

As active labor really began to kick in I started to doubt my ability to continue with a natural birth (no medication). However, my support team had another thing in mind. We set a goal of seeing how I felt 30 minutes later and that no matter what my child’s father and doula would support my decision. I am very grateful because with the support and encouragement of my doula, doctor and child’s father I was able to pull through and reconsider my goal of a natural birth.

Shortly after I was told I can push whenever I was ready. What a relief that was to hear!  Finding the right breathing rhythm, comfortable position, and the support of my amazing cheerleaders (my doula, child’s father, mom, and the doctors) I made it through my beautiful journey.

Early Saturday morning, my healthy, handsome baby boy entered the world filled with love and joy from his parents and granny. When it was all over I was just happy to have had my son in my arms and very grateful for my support system. I honestly could not have done it without them. I was especially grateful for my doula because she was very helpful throughout the whole process. She was very patient and positive and always assured me that I could do it and I did (all natural).

Now I am a proud mother of a beautiful son whom I love with all my heart and I’m truly appreciative that I had such a wonderful team by my side and can’t wait to share my story with my son some day.