All praise is due to the of the world. God Hears All Prayers. We have prayed for a natural, gentle and quick childbirth, and according to how our childbirth went we feel our prayer has been answered. Abdulaziz was born on 2-7-13 at 6pm. Abdulaziz was a 6.3-pound healthy baby boy. This is how it all began:

On Wednesday night at 11:30 I got out of the shower, and my prelabor contractions slowly started. I did not think anything of these small short contractions. Around 1am, they started to become more frequent, and more intense. I did not want to rush to the hospital until it was absolutely. By 9am Thursday morning, we had to rush to Hennepin County Medical Center. I was only 2cm dilated which was pretty disappointing.

It was part of my birth plan to have a natural water birth, God Willing, therefore I asked the midwife to move me from the triage bed in Labor and delivery into the midwife unit where they had the water tub available. Usually, the hospital requires pregnant women to be at least 4cm dilated, before allowing them to be in the water tub, but my midwife was so sweet that she allowed me to go in the tub when I was only 3cm dilated.

One thing that disappointed me about my midwife was being asked if I wanted pain medication when I stated in my birth plan to not be offered any pain medicine. I was fortunate enough to stick to my goal and decline the medicine I was offered. This is not to say I did not have weak moments, because I did remember begging for a C-section.

I did not know what would work for me best during labor since this was my first child, but I have learned that being very verbal worked best for me. I would moan loudly, or say encouraging words very loudly during the high peaks of my surges.

I did not know if I really could do this but being surrounded by loving and caring people like my husband, mother, and doula helped tremendously. I first and foremost thank God, for allowing me to have these people with me during labor, and for making this journey as wonderful as it was it was. I have done a lot of research to help me prepare for birth. I have attended classes with my husband. I have read many books about hypnobirthing and natural childbirth. But the number one thing that has helped me the most was praying each night to our creator.