Twin Cities Doula Project is a new group of doulas who are working together to provide free labor support to moms who want a doula but can’t afford one. We believe that professional doula services are invaluable and would encourage any family who can to seek out and hire a paid doula. For those who cannot afford to do so, we extend an offer of our support. Every mother deserves a doula, and we hope that our small project will contribute towards DONA’s vision of a doula for every mother who wants one.

The Doula Project doulas are entirely volunteer. In recognition of this and of the fact that many are full-time moms, students, employees, or combination of the three, the project is structured similar to the hospital-based volunteer doula programs, with a rotating call schedule. It is much less overwhelming for the doulas to volunteer in this capacity, than to rearrange their lives to be on call 24/7, 7 days a week. A rotating call schedule means that a different doula is on call each day. For example, Jane is on call on Monday, Jan is on call Tuesday, Joyce is on call Wednesday, etc., so if a mom goes into labor on Monday, she would get Jane as her doula, and if she goes into labor on Wednesday, she would get Joyce. This means that you won’t know which doula you will get until you go into labor, at which point you’d get the doula on call for that day.

TCDP is starting out on a small scale and for the time being can only accept moms planning on giving birth at the hospitals and birth centers most centrally located in Minneapolis and Saint Paul:

  • Abbott Northwestern
  • Fairview Riverside (UMMC)
  • HCMC
  • Health Foundations Birth Center
  • Minnesota Birth Center
  • Morningstar Birth Center
  • North Memorial
  • Park Nicollet Methodist
  • Regions
  • St. Joe’s
  • St. John’s
  • United

In an effort to give moms prenatal doula care, childbirth education, and social support, Twin Cities Doula Project has monthly meetings (see Calendar for dates and locations). At the meetings moms can get to know some of the project’s doulas and also work with them to educate themselves and prepare for their births in whatever manner they find most productive. For those who desire, it may be helpful to develop some sort of birth plan or list of preferences for your birth, which is not only a good practice in preparing for your birth but also will be useful for your doula, so that the doula who ends up attending your birth would know in advance how best to support you. After your birth, you and your baby are welcome back anytime! You can reunite with the moms and doulas you met during your pregnancy and/or help support the moms still waiting for their birth. Birth stories are always welcome!

When you go into labor, you would call the Doula Project phone number, and a TCDP doula would answer the phone, answer your immediate questions, and then get you in contact with the on-call doula for that day. While it may be ideal for a mom to have a preexisting relationship with her doula, the vast majority of moms who use hospital-based doula programs like the Woodwinds Doula Program are very satisfied with the continuous emotional and physical support they receive from the hospital doula, whom they don’t meet until they come to the hospital in labor.

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